Infinity On Hybrid

We know you were sold already, but Honda just gave you another reason to see Fall Out Boy’s upcoming tour! Billboard reports:

In honor of the tour, Fall Out Boy has created a custom Honda Civic Hybrid that will be showcased at each performance. At the end of the tour, one lucky fan will win the car, which features Fall Out Boy graphics, hemp upholstery, Alpine Electronics subwoofers and amplifiers and an audio system loaded with personal messages from frontman Pete Wentz.

The good news is that there’s only one. Anyone have a guess as to the personal messages Pete’s preloaded? (Maybe suggestions about being discrete with pics of your dick?) And note the non-FOB pic Billboard ran with the story.

Yes, we recognized the dude from 3 Doors Down. We’re not proud of it. Think someone at the mag has a sense of humor? No word on what color the Hybrid will be, but here’s hoping it’s a shade of Jay-Z Blue. And if you thought Kanye’s ego was insufferable before, wait ’til he hears about these guys plans to copy brand a car.