NME Continues Its Blur-ry Speculation

Good news, Team Damon. Well, possible good news. We usually ignore NME’s incessant Blur reunion updates, but this one struck us for being the closest we’ve heard from Graham himself about the prospects for reunion. Blur bassist Alex James told The Sunday Times (via NME):

I’ve been talking to Graham and there might be some good news. It’s by no means in the bag, but it looks quite promising. Maybe the time is right. We’ve always left the door open for him, so that’s what I’m hoping for.

With Think Tank being the band’s last record, and featuring only Damon, Alex, and Dave, the hope is that the kids can bring it together for just one more, full four piece record. Graham’s departure was, in part, for want of a less destructive lifestyle. But Damon seems so responsible these days, innit? Needless to say it’s the most speculated-upon event in Brit rock, akin to our pointless Chinese Democracy obsessing. So will it ever happen? And what comes first: Blur reunion? Or Axl’s “opus”? Well while you’re waiting for the new Blur, kill some time with The Good, The Bad & The Queen, streaming in its entirety on MySpace.