Pick Stereogum’s Wedding Band

Still haven’t heard back from these guys about playing “Song For Myla Goldberg” at our wedding. So Eliza Jane and I are exploring other options.

Friends and family have hooked us up with brochures for a number of cheesy groups that claim to play everything from “Tony Bennett to Talking Heads.” Sadly, their presentations leave a lot to be desired. Who sends a VHS? (Actually, Renegade. That’s who.)

Arcadia one-upped them (barely) with a CD of video files. There is actually a post-it on the CDR that says:

This is a “CD ROM” with individual “Quick Time” Movies THIS IS NOT A DVD.

Sigh. Anyway, the music is what matters. Is this as good as it gets? Click to watch in Quicktime.

Arcadia – “Hey Ya!”
Arcadia – “Just Like Heaven”

A wedding band playing The Cure is just so wrong.

I wonder how much Christopher Cross costs.