Happy Birthday, David Bowie

The Brixton-born icon turns 60 today! Trying to encompass the shape-shifting sweep of his career is near impossible, but the Independent gave it a shot by listing the “Ages Of Bowie” and the quid he’s amassed along the way:

Ziggy Stardust
The hits: ‘Starman’, ‘Rock & Roll Suicide’, ‘Suffragette City’, ‘Moonage Daydream’ [Approx £1m]

Thin White Duke
The hits: ‘Station to Station’, ‘TVC15′, ‘Young Americans’, ‘Fame’, ‘Stay’, “Word on a Wing’ [Approx £2m]

Serious Moonlight
The hits: ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘China Girl’, ‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire)’ [Approx £8m]

Tin Machine
The hits: first album reached No 3 in 1989 but yielded no top 30 hits. Second one fared worse at No 33 [Approx £25m]

The hits: his investments, Reality Tour, re-issues, more compilations, royalties and a large archive [Approx £120m]

Continue the celebration by joining BBC for “60 Things About David Bowie,” including the reason his right pupil is permanently dilated (school fight over a girl!) and the reason he changed his name from “Davie Jones” (hey hey, take a guess). And the Daily Mail says he may just revive Ziggy! Knew we should have invested in Bowie Bonds. So for today, Hunky Dory is required listening. Favorite Bowie song? Go.

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