Remix Yo Majesty

Still spinning the bomb tracks from Band To Watch Yo Majesty? Us too! Think you can improve upon “Club Action”? We don’t think you can either — but why not try? It’s The Money Shot is hosting a competition to remix the trio’s break-out banger. The details:

Your remix doesn’t have to fill the floor of the club like the originals…just bring something new to the table. We want to see what you got…or if you got anything at all. Yeah, I went there. What are you going to do about it? I suggest that you make a mix and show me that you do, in fact, “got something”.

Don’t have the skills to mix? All other musicians–from classically trained clarinetist to self-trained kazoo master–are invited to submit an original composition inspired by “Club Action”. Your lyrics do not have to match the original exactly, but it should be clear that it was inspired by it. Hell, your song doesn’t even need to have lyrics.

WINNER RECEIVES: “a chance to go on a date with Yo Majesty, runners up receive a bumper fun Yo Majesty fan-pack”

Head over there for full info. Worth it for the shot to hang with the lovely ladies. We even hear they’ll perform “Kryptonite Pussy” on request! Beat that.

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