Apple’s Next Campaign To Take Your Money

Steve Jobs takes the stage tomorrow at the annual Macworld conference, and try as we might to ignore it, we’re curious to see what new, short-lived gadgets they’ll try to seduce us with. Reuters reports:

There also has been a lot of speculation the telephone- enabled iPod — dubbed the iPhone by many — would be introduced at this year’s Macworld. But even if Jobs takes a pass on that for now, there will be plenty to feast on.

Gartner analyst Mike McGuire expects more details on the device Apple has so far called iTV, which will cost $299 and go on sale by the end of the first quarter of this year. The device will let users stream movies, music, photos, podcasts and TV shows to their home entertainment systems.

But iPhone or not, analysts expect Jobs to have a surprise or two in store. He has in the past often appeared to conclude his speech, pausing, then adding: “Oh, one more thing.”

“Steve always tends to pull some rabbit out of his hat,” Bajarin added.

Though you’d think that if he could pull off any trick, he’d forgo the rabbit-in-the-hat routine for being magically freed from SEC scrutiny over that options-backdating scandal. Still, those last few minutes of an Apple conference are the most exciting in the tech world, and Jobs is the consummate geek showman. The iPhone is a logical step in gizmo evolution, but what combination of $$ and GB will get you on board?