Don’t ask us about patents, but Stevie Jobs got up onstage and proudly crowed that Apple’s new iPod + Phone combo is called “iPhone” (Linksys/Cisco be damned, apparently). The tagline, humbly, was “Apple Reinvents The Phone.” Classy. It already has a Wiki page! Check the pics, via Engadget.

Cingular only for now, kids. Engadget also quotes Jobs on the specs, including 8GB of memory, camera, thinner than Blackjack/Motorola Q, no stylus and no buttons (touch screen? ewww), portrait/landscape view, video playback, and all the usual smartphone trappings (email, IM, calendar, yadda) — all running on OS X (a bit much for a handheld, no?), all synched via iTunes. Oh yeah, and it plays music. (During the demo, Steve picked a tune by The Beatles. Sly dog.) Check the demo at Apple. Email looks like it’ll be an absolute bitch on that thing! (Wipe the drool off your face.)

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