Sell Them Shirts!

A reader wrote us yesterday about this post on Craigslist, in which a wardrobe-paring hipster is selling his old concert tees for low, low prices. And what’s Shirtless In The City’s sales pitch? Instant indie cred!

Find yourself coveting those other hipsters wearing better band t-shirts than yours because they’re from that tour BEFORE the band hit it big or got that primo review on Pitchfork? Want to look like you’ve been “in the know” and a “scene fixture” for years instead of just a few months?

Here’s a quick and easy solution for you. I have far too many shirts that I never wear just taking up room in my closet. Some I bought them out of obligation because I got into a show for free, some I bought them after a few too many beers. At any rate, I just wanna get rid of them, and you clearly need them. Right? A few (noted in description) are gently worn and clean, most are NEW and NEVER WORN.

“It Was Never Like That And You Know It” Red Medium Hanes Beefy T. This is actually from the McSweeney’s store when it was in Park Slope. Purchased Winter 2002. This is a little more worn than the rest of the offerings, but still a charming addition to your high-irony wardrobe.

Portastatic — Bright Ideas. Green Small Standard American (American Apparel). Cute, with image of two little girls from Bright Ideas album cover.

The Mountain Goats — Get Lonely w/ Tour Dates. Pink Large Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton. From the early fall 2006 tour.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists — Rising sun graphic with band name. Black Medium Standard American (American Apparel). From the first Shake the Sheets tour.

Asthmatic Kitty Records. Orange Medium Standard American (American Apparel). With adorable label logo of the wheezing kitty. For all you Sufjan & Co. fans!

Seeing is believing and all that, so here’s the pictorial proof.

Head over for more if you’re interested, but if you’re like us, you’re dealing with one TOO MANY concert tees (and not enough closet space!). Craigslist may be a good way to go (who knows, a music blog might just link to your post). But before you go there, you gotta come to grips with saying goodbye to that special, Death Cab before-they-were-on-The OC shirt! Which concert tee do you refuse to get rid of, even though it’s a holey, stained mess? Maybe you can talk it out of your system. Your bureau will thank you, even if your inner-hipster won’t.