Trumans Water – “We Fish” (Stereogum Premiere)

Most comebacks are obvious, fairly uninteresting. That collagist San Diego noise-rock trio (now a world-split quartet) Trumans Water is releasing a new album this August? Unexpected. Exciting. They kept trucking on in one form or another since forming in 1991, but this is the first large-scale full-length release since 2003. (Honestly, I thought they’d imploded earlier.) I was a big TW fan during their ’90s Homestead days — especially 1992’s Of Thick Tum, 1993’s Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass,  and 1994’s Godspeed The Punchline/The Static/The Hemorrhage/The Vortex. If I kept things in better order, I’d dig out an interview I did with them for my zine circa ’93. A friend and I’d put on a show for them in NJ, though I can’t remember who else played. I do remember talking with brothers Kirk Branstetter and Kevin Branstetter — the surviving Trumans core — about cassette labels, pot, Captain Beefheart, Sun City Girls, and basketball (mostly basketball). Then, and now, they remind me of Polvo, Pavement, and the Union Pole roster in a blender. If you haven’t heard TW, “We Fish” is a fine introduction. If you’re an old fan: Welcome back.

Trumans Water – “We Fish”


Trumans Water – “5-7-10 Split”

The tracks:

01 “Since Yesterday”
02 “Bev Toxin”
03 “Ammunition”
04 “Last Time”
05 “Ur-Cod”
06 “Greased Water”
07 “Blasphemous Cordialantlers Ride!”
08 “2 Hands 4 Eyes”
09 “Thew Eak Hen”
10 “5-7-10 Split”
11 “We Fish”
12 “Radio Played”
13 “You Live Out Loud”
14 “Horsesplinter Wraparound”

O Zeta Zunis is out 8/24 via Asthmatic Kitty. The label’s also reissuing key albums from the back catalog. (While we’re here, take a listen to John Peel interviewing them after the release of Of Thick Tum.) If you think Asthmatic Kitty’s a weird home for TW, research the band’s connection to Soul Junk via original (and exited) member Glen Galloway or look up Therefore’s links to both crews and it’ll make perfect sense. We’re told to expect some live shows this year, so look for these guys in your town: