Someone May Be Wincing Over This One

If you’ve avoided the Shins leak in favor of securing the forthcoming record the legit way, you may wanna head to iTunes asap. Late yesterday, we started receiving a flood of emails like this one from reader Mike, whose definite-article omitting iTunes searching helped him stumble on a happy accident(?): Wincing The Night Away (and a bonus track) available two weeks early! Mike writes:

As you may have noticed, iTunes is plugging the fact that you can pre-order Wincing the Night Away for when it is officially released on January 23rd. Well, they seem to have screwed something up…because if you just do a band search for “Shins” you see an option pop up to buy the whole album, which includes the “bonus track” “Nothing at All” which you’re supposed to get for buying early.

If you try buying the whole album, you’re given the pre-order runaround, so you’re best served with the “shins” search, snappin’ it up track by track. (And “Nothing At All” is solid.) iPhone’s awesome, but Apple’s so busy with Macworld they’re not paying attention to the storefront! Silly Jobs.

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