The New Year – “MMV”

We thought it would be wise (and witty) to start the New Year with the New Year, so this week’s Drop finds the post-Bedhead Kadane brothers-fronted Touch & Go quintet offering up “MMV,” a suitably thematic track from their excellent self-titled third collection. Professor Matt Kadane ably answered our questions about the track and the year ahead.

You’re using “MMV” as the Roman Numerals for 2005?

Who’d you write this for?
If it was for anyone, it was for Michael Dahlquist (Note: the Silkworm drummer who died when his car was struck from behind in 2005) and some people who were close to him.

Did you follow the resolutions in the song?
I’ve tried to. On tour this past summer and fall drinking and laughing were easy. I don’t sleep well and have failed in my resolve to sleep more. I find myself daydreaming a lot but not really dreaming at night, maybe for lack of sleep, as much as I think was the case twenty or even ten years ago.

Any resolutions this year?
I never come close to living up to the big resolutions, like having more focus or being more productive. I’d be happy to be a better baker.


The New Year is out via Touch & Go.

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