Drew Barrymore’s Fab, New Music Comedy

On Valentine’s Day weekend nine years ago, Drew teamed up with Adam Sandler for The Wedding Singer. Maybe ’80s-music romantic comedies are her thing! This lover’s day, she pairs with Hugh Grant for Music and Lyrics, featuring Haircut 100. (And Drew’s haircut #100?)

FUN FACT: Looks like Drew learned to sing for it. In Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You, every actor BUT Barrymore sings their songs. (She told Woody her singing was too awful “even for the realistic voices” he wanted. She said she doesn’t even sing in the shower! BS, we say.)

NOT SO FUN FACT: Drew and Fab are over. No Stroke cameos in Music and Lyrics, as far as we know. Good thing — that red carpet would have been awkwaaard.