Fujiya & Miyagi Talk Transparent Things

Deaf Dumb & Blind is ramping up for the States side release of last year’s much-loved record from Brighton’s Fuyjia & Miyagi. Sure, we’ve awkwardly danced a plenty to Transparent Things, but who knew the lyrical depth beyond their eponymous chants? Here the trio reveals their inspiration, song-by-song:

Ankle Injuries
Is about walking to school as a kid and finishing a porno mag in the middle of the road and realizing that a female’s genitalia is different from a male’s.

David: This is the story of how I broke my collarbone twice. The first time I broke it I was five years old and carrying an armful of toy guns back to my house in Kenilworth. I tripped over my shoelaces and somersaulted into a lamppost. A week later I got chicken pox. The second time was a few years later, training for a school sports day. I was overtaking a kid called David Moore who deliberately tripped me up. He felt really bad about this and locked himself in the school toilet for the whole of the next day, sobbing.

Is about working in an office ad daydreaming about other things.

Conductor 71
This track is an instrumental. The title comes from the Powell & Pressburger film A Matter of Life and Death. It’s got David Niven in it.

Transparent Things
David: The verse talks about all the things that bug me and the chorus is trying to calm me down so I don’t get wound up about litterbugs, questionnaires and cyclists.

Sucker Punch
Is about being sucker punched by a girl.

In One Ear & Out The Other
Is about not listening to people and not being listened to.

Another instrumental. The obligatory krautrocker track.

Is about synesthesia, which is where the senses get muddled up. For example, if you were to smell bacon you’d think of a greyish blue color.

Relive F&M’s moment of sexual discovery here:

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Ankle Injuries” (MP3)

The US release of the record has bonus track “Reeboks In Heaven.” If you don’t have, grab it at IndieBlogHeaven. Smells like bacon.