New Bloc Party Video – “I Still Remember”

The second clip from A Weekend In The City is here, and it’s got the guys feeling very emotional on the train. Not our favorite from the record (and if you hear Coldplay in the new, it’s intentional) — but the vid does provide countless ways to entertain yourself while on the regional rail. Try “accidentally” hitting businessmen with soccer balls next time you ride. Fun for all! (via P4K)

The song is also Kele’s way of exploring homosexual themes. You’ve probably read it by now, but here’s what he told the Guardian about the song:

‘Yeah, yeah. [Getting hit on by straight boys] happened a lot before all this [the band] started happening. This is probably a contentious issue, but I swear that I could always see it in people, in the way that guys would need to be touching other guys. You could see there was something they couldn’t say aloud. And I saw it when I was at school. And I guess ‘I Still Remember’ is an attempt at trying to confront that. I don’t think that my sexual impulse is that bizarre or foreign. [But] the way that it’s supposedly discussed in mainstream culture is [that] it’s a crazy thing. But I know from my own experiences a lot of heterosexual boys had feelings or experiences when they were younger. And that’s not really ever spoken about, that un-spoken desire.

‘Not two gay boys,’ he continues, ‘but the idea of two straight boys having an attraction, or there being an attraction that’s unspeakable – that was the idea of that song. When was the last time you heard an interesting pop song that actually tried to give you a different perspective on desire?’

That’s easy — “London Bridge”! We still can’t even figure out what that perspective is.

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