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February 10 is the new release date for America’s Sweetheart, Courtney Love’s MUCH-delayed solo debut. Sorry, no MP3s (Virgin is guarding these like they were long-lost Nirvana tracks), but here’s the 411:

Did you miss me? Sure, Courtney, I missed you, but why are you trying to sound like the Hives? Instead “Mono” sounds like a Donnas b-side, and of this Kurt would not approve.

Tongue-in-cheek stalker tribute to the Stroke (“I know where you live!”). There’s a cool breakdown in the middle where she gets all breathless … When I touched your limousine I really caught a vibe/ It said I love you baby girl you know ’cause I could read your mind. Funny. You can hear a shitty live cut of this song here.

“Hold On To Me”
Starts off pretty enough, sorta R.E.M.-y. There’s some piano too. But really it’s just a paint-by-numbers rock ballad. Snooze.

Courtney’s lost her mind and we should boycott her products until she lays off the pills (it’s for her own good) — but in the name of objectivity, I give her 2 points for not using the Matrix.

Which reminds me… that Courtney photo I posted a while back…

…is from the very cool photo book so80s. Makes a great stocking stuffer (if you have a 3 ft. wide stocking).

In neck-and-neck Billboard news…
#1 Jay-Z The Black Album
#2 No Doubt The Singles
#3 Britney Spears In The Zone

Brit drops 58% from last week. And it was her birthday yesterday! C’mon people! Show some love.

AND Watch Missy’s new vid.

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