New Lily Allen – “Smile (Version II Revisited)”

Or should we say “New Mark Ronson”? The producer/wedding DJ put together a glockenspiel-and-Motown remix of Lily’s cut for his forthcoming full-length Version. (P4K assumes it’s the same version that’ll be one of two bonus tracks on the US release of Alright, Still.) And Mark recently did the Authentic Shit show on East Village Radio, where he spun some of his authentic shit, including “Smile (Version II Revisited)” (at 40:40) and the Smiths-and-Supremes mash-up “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before,” with Daniel Merriwather on vox (at 59:30). Happy track isolating!

“Authentic Shit With Mark Ronson” 1/5/06 (MP3)

Hit Ronson’s MySpace for Version’s “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” remix, along with his take on “Toxic,” from the awesome, Catchdubs-collaborating Radio Radio mixtape, which you can buy here.