New Nine Inch Nails: Definitely Not Emo

Trent Reznor’s set to release the follow-up to With Teeth this April with Year Zero. From a recent interview with Kerrang! (via Blabbermouth):

“With this record I feel a lot less concerned about what people think about it ? especially the dying record industry. I couldn’t care less about that right now.” Reznor also revealed that the new effort is a concept album and “part of a bigger picture of a number of things I’m working on. Essentially I wrote the soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist.”

But how about some more angered quotes about today’s music scene, Trent? You like emo? (via RS)

?Emo screamo!? he ranted in an oddly Dr. Seussian style. ?If I happen to accidentally turn the radio on?I literally can?t tell the difference between one of 20 bands,? said a clearly exasperated icon. ?Either I?m getting old, which is a fact, or I?m turning into my dad! I wonder about the person that?s in a band, the young kid who just got signed or is trying to get signed – why is he doing it? Is he trying to change the world and do something different and express himself?or is it because they want to fuck Paris Hilton and be photographed outside trendy restaurants??

No, not Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan.