New Cloud Cult – “Chemicals Collide”

Gush time! We’ve got a thing for Cloud Cult. A BIG thing. When the band came through NYC for a week last April, playing three shows in as many venues, we didn’t miss a one. And if you were in town and hip to their classic Advice From The Happy Hippopotamus, you were there, too. Lead Cult man Craig Minowa crafted a song-cycle that synthesized violins with distorted bass, electro-beats with folk fingerpicking, Sunny Day emo guitars with Native American dance chants — and all while actually saying something, learning to celebrate life in the wake of Craig’s two-year old child’s death. If it sounds heavy, moving, and entirely awesome … it is. And if you’ve never heard it, here’s one of our faves:

Cloud Cult – “Living On The Outside Of Your Skin” (MP3)

But this is about the new stuff, and we’re proud to premiere the first single from Cloud Cult’s The Meaning Of 8, a record that expands on the band’s push towards lush, straight-up emotional songs. “Chemicals Collide” was a live fave over that week in April, and it showcases Craig’s ability to work a heart-tugging melody out of the simplest of progressions. Check it:

Cloud Cult -“Chemicals Collide” (MP3)

Head here for the track’s shroomy video. And for another taste of the new, hit KEXP for a “draft” of the stellar “Take Your Medicine.” You can hear more gems from Advice (“What Happens At The End” and “Transistor Radio”) at their MySpace. And then you can buy it! (Craig’s had enough jobs already!)

The Meaning Of 8 is in stores 4/10, but will be available in less than two weeks if you get it directly from the band site. Why wait?


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