Death Of Ringtone Sales?

While Apple’s iPhone announcement has you trying to figure out how to break your cell-phone contract, Blackbeard SEO ponders the future of the ringtone:

Let me be the first to say that the iPhone is huge problem for the ringtone industry. In many ways it makes the ringtone industry completely obsolete. It?s an iPod so any song that you own can be used as a Ringtone. Don?t want to pay $1.99 for a low-quality re-sampling of a song that you already own to be used as your ringtone? Great, you don?t have to. What about wallpapers? Well, any photo on the iPhone can be used as a wallpaper, so just download one from the iPhone?s built-in web browser and you?re golden. Goodbye $9.99 per month ringtone subscription fees!

In 3-5 years just about all of the newest phones will have easy syncing with your music library and the paid ringtone market will shrivel up and die. Only the older phones will need ringtone services and as they are replaced the amount of people subscribing will dwindle to almost nothing.

Makes sense. But what’s next for Crazy Frog?! Poor sucker. Does anyone actually subscribe to ringtone services for ten bucks a month? Does anyone actually buy wallpaper?! But those four-tone things were fun for a minute. Which ringtone was your favorite? Which one sucked the most ass? We nominate the sax-for-guitar shitfest that was “Undone (The Sweater Song)”. We want our dollar back! While you think, here’s video from Steve’s big announcement. In 1984.