Chiptune Tribute To Kraftwerk

Take 8-bit gadgets (old computers, handheld games, Nintendos, etc), record those blips and bleeps, and string ‘em together to make sweet, sweet music — and you’ve got the genre known as bitpop. Or chiptune. Or, simply enough, 8-bit. The bitpop world owes a debt to the original bleepers — krautrockers Kraftwerk — and now a collection of artists repay the debt with a covers compilation called 8-Bit Operators. Great idea, surprisingly awesome in sound. Listen at MySpace. (Start with “Pocket Calculator.”) No surprise that the tracklist features a bunch of Computer World, but there’s earlier stuff, too. Spot the Super Mario sample, and we’ll send you a crate of old NES and Gameboy games. You deserve ‘em.

8-Bit Operators is out 2/6/07 on Astralwerks.

Tags: Kraftwerk