Casting Couch: Kurt Cobain

Get ready for the first authorized film covering the fascinating story of the grunge icon. But be patient; Courtney Love’s at the helm. Access Hollywood reports (via Whitney):

Love has acquired the rights to Heavier Than Heaven, author Charles Cross’ biography on the late grunge singer, a source close to the star told Access. According to our source, several studios are in discussions with Love to bring the book to the big screen.

The rocker also confirmed the project is “in an embryonic stage,” with a post on a Courtney Love fansite “[It] has no script and no director attached, let alone stars,” she added.

Cool Court, you take care of those 1200 resolutions, we’ll handle the casting for ya. Whom do yo guys see fit to portray the life and hurt of Kurt? And since Cobain and Pat Smear go together like peanut butter and heroin, thought we’d ask about the upcoming Germs biopic What We Do Is Secret (via NME):

Former Nirvana and Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear is to act as musical director of new film which tells the story of his former band and US punk legends The Germs.

The Germs were a massive influence the likes of Green Day and the movie focuses on the life of singer Darby Crash.

According to the film’s MySpace page, the movie, to be called ‘What We Do Is Secret’, will show “the birth of punk rock in Hollywood and the rise of hardcore”.

So while we have you guys making casting calls, what do you think about Once And Again and ER star Shane West playing Darby Crash in the Germs biopic? We’re not suggesting, we’re reporting! Got someone better in mind? We hope so. Also, you Mastodon-hating fans of The Bronx will be psyched to know they’re in the flick as Black Flag. Double-hardcore score.