New Malajube – “Ursuline”

Francophonic indie rockers Malajube were all anyone from Montreal wanted to talk about when I went to Øyafestivalen in Oslo a few years ago (also where I met and seduced B. Stosuy), and their sophomore LP Trompe L’oeil put them on course for a BTW stamp and Radio Shack commercials the world over. After a quiet 2007 the band is again making rumblings (in French, French rumblings) of releasing new material, and thanks to a tip from reader Simon V. we’ve got a listen. The next record, due out in February, is titled Labyrinthe, which is a fair descriptor of their exuberantly shape-shifting Trompe material. Its lead track “Ursuline” hints at another serving of darting attention spans and wellspring of ideas over nearly seven minutes, eviscerating the opening, plinking ballet waltz with a blend of bombastic drum fills and sky-high bittersweet melodies. By the time we shift into the spacey two-minute-vamp outro, you have to wonder if their old MySpace genre descriptor “Progressive Emo Jam Band” was just a joke or a declaration of intent. As of today I’m voting the latter.

Malajube – “Ursuline” (MP3)
(via Cityslang)

Labyrinthes is due out 2/19 in Canada via Dare To Care. That month sees them at shows throughout Quebec — check the dates at MalaSpace.

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