New Violens Video – “Spectator & Pupil”

Violens offered up a great live version of “Spectator & Pupil” at our Gummys ’08 Live event. I first heard the studio take on the song — which comes from their self-titled EP — when I wrote a sort of behind-the-scenes piece for Interview about the Alia Raza-directed video. At the time the clip wasn’t entirely done — as with most videos, it turns out some of what she’d been planning ended up on the cutting room floor. That said, her initial thoughts on the song are insightful and hold true for the approach she took to the project as well as the video in its final state:

[The song] made me think of stark, black-and-white, still life-like images … I wanted white brick walls and an early-Mapplethorpe look to the set. The space we picked had a beautiful white tin wall, and I realized it would be nice to do something with a slightly feminine look since the band is all boys.

She also mentioned flowers. There are plenty: Frontman Jorge Elbrecht is partially obscured by them throughout and Mapplethorpian white lilies gather in piles around the band members’ feet.

The Violens EP is out via Cantora. You can hear more at the band’s MySpace.