Morning Benders Cover Joanna Newsom Over A J Dilla Beat

‘Tis the season for summer mixes. I made mine, the morning benders’ Chris Chu put one together for L.A.-based site Say Mayday. Plenty to love in there, like the Avalanches, Twin Sister, Bibio, Arthur Russell. One thing you get when Chu makes you a mix that you don’t get with someone like me, though, is the ability to cover Joanna Newsom over a J Dilla beat as a tossed-off mid-mix easter egg. It’s a pretty casual affair, this sorta-cover, but what I love most about it is Chris’s choice of J Dilla sample to sing Newsom over — “U-Love” from the endlessly rewarding Jay Dee beat-pastiche LP Donuts, slowed to a molasses drip. (Also I love that he decided to use a J Dilla beat in the first place.)

Grab it at Say Mayday (the benders/Newsom/Dilla moment starts at 17:38). But more importantly, let’s take the occasion to fall back in love with J Dilla? Here’s “U-Love,” and the song it sampled — Jerry Butler’s 1968 track “Just Because I Really Love You” — and, to complete the anatomy lesson, I’m including “Have One On Me,” too.


“Just Because I Really Love You”

“Have One On Me”

Chu’s stew of all of the above is here (cover starts at 17:38), along with some choice tracks to make your summer a little less cruel. Of the mix, Chris says “if you put this mix on backwards and play it while you eat a bowl of cereal, you’ll see your entire future.” Which reminds me of Almost Famous, which reminds me that this post includes a lot of really fun things.

UPDATE: A stream of the “Have One On Me” cover isolated for ya:

Have one on me (joanna newsom + j dilla) by themorningbenders