New Beyoncé Videos – “Halo” & “Diva”

It’d be unfair for anyone to expect B-town to repeat the choreographic cross-cultural moment of “Single Ladies” so quickly. So why not take a page from sunglasses mannequin KanYe West’s playbook. Venetian shades? Meet Sasha’s drapes. Two new clips from Beyoncé’s Fierce LP popped this morning: a low contrast vid for the balladic “Halo,” which speaks metaphorically about rays of sunshine and lover’s auras (and literally on how much Beyoncé enjoys staring into Michael Ealy’s purty turquoise eyes), and then the “A Milli”-beats of “Diva,” in which we learn of “another name for a hustler” and also what all the sunglasses carts in Chinatown will be selling next week.



I Am Sasha Fierce is out via Columbia.

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