Jens Lekman’s Waltz Time Summer Mix

Yep, it’s summer. You know it is because of how everybody’s losing power in Brooklyn and because of how everybody’s making summer mixes. There’s Cruel Summer, there’s the morning benders’ ode to heat culture via Arthur Russell and Avalanches and a Donuts-dipping Joanna Newsom cover, and now there’s something from Jens Lekman, who’s been oh so silent aside from doing Whip It and kicking the swine flu. The seed for this bag of tracks came from a remix Jens was making for the ladies of Au Revoir Simone, in which he took a 4/4 pop song and transformed it into a waltz. Suddenly the MP3 was spun out into a quilt of loping cuts in 3/4 time, stitched into a single file and fittingly dubbed by Lekman “Summer In 3/4 Time.” It’s got the ARS remix, a tip of the cap to Chu and the morning benders via “Excuses,” and a bunch of deeper-pocket and more esoterically mellow stuffs that will expand your horizons while keeping your BPM at 75% its normal rate (at least I hope so, 3/4).

Download over at his site. It’s taking awhile since everyone is frantically trying to grab this downloadable relaxation, so there’s a stream here should you need an immediate fix:

(Soundcloud via 24bit)

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