Big Boi Does “Shutterbugg” On Leno

Antwan Patton’s on something of a goodwill kick, maybe just paying forward the positivity he’s garnering at every turn on the back of the heavily rotated rhyme-freak summer opus Sir Luscious Lef Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty LP. (You’d know he’s doing well if you followed Big Boi on Twitter, where he’s quite literally paying it all forward by retweeting every positive Big Boi mention, aka, don’t follow Big Boi on Twitter.) Phase One of the goodwill came with this free Big Boi Mixtape For Dummies, a tidily packaged entrance point to the earthier-half-of-Outkast’s solo output; Phase Two extended last night to Jay Leno, for whatever reason, making this nightly hour where laughter goes to die momentarily watchable via the dizzying cadence and talk box syncopation of Chico Dusty’s frontline banger “Shutterbugg.” If you haven’t heard enough of this track this summer, you’re probably hanging out in the wrong places. Apparently you should be hanging out in Burbank? Or hanging out after-the-jump of this post a bunch.

The official vid, which is amazing:

Sir Luscious is out, and worthy.

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