60 Minutes (Of Blogging)

LG (Photo Editor To The Stars!) e-mailed me Friday morning…

From: Lauren
Sent: Fri 4/2/2004 10:42 AM
To: Scott
Subject: RE: Please blur the pubic hair in this photo

i’m out sick today. there’s something going around the office.. lili has it.. jessica had it.. blake has it sorta… carl.. watch out. it could get you. fever, achy, chills, nausea.. and lots of fatigue.. i feel like i can’t even move around. it sucks. k, have a good day scotty.

…and I should have taken her seriously.

At our weekly lunch meeting (Sarah gets free sneakers and booze, and I get greasy pizza and “bring your own soda”) the discussion had turned into a half-hearted debate about the merits of POP VS. Zooropa. So Peggy and I headed to Virgin to pick up the new Freaks & Geeks DVD (not realizing it drops Tuesday).

Peggy was coughing the whole time! By the end of the day, I had caught the office flu.

My whole weekend has been a bust. Having consumed a dozen aspirin and almost as many chapters of Little Children, I’m now officially bored.

So I’m gonna blog non-stop for the next hour, posting the MP3s and hott photos that have been lingering on my desktop all week, awaiting publication. (Andy agrees with me that blogs suck without photos.)

This should be a lesson to me to read my BWE e-mails, as the “Word Of The Week” this week was GERMINATOR. Peggy, you’re a germinator! You better lend me the Freaks & Geeks DVDs if I’m still sick next week.