Korallreven – “Loved-Up (LOLboys Remix)” & “The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)”

There’s a certain — and at this point with the likes of the Tough Alliance/ceo and Air France and most of the Sincerely Yours label, downright patriotic — Balearic bend to Swedish duo Korallreven. But it’s in the nature of that niche to cut and paste, juxtapose and recontextualize (just ask jj), and Korallreven dropped some hints for those listening closely to their DJ set at the WarmUp Kick-Off last Saturday: hip-hop, Taken By Trees, house, and a party-starting spin on The-Dream’s “Love King.” Surely they’re fixed on their washed out low-blood pressure/BPM beach vibes, but what’s most interesting, and what makes the “Truest Faith” / “Loved-Up” remix EP they released this week so enjoyable, is when the focal point is outside of Sweden, and Ibiza. You should have “The Truest Faith”‘s full-frontal drumset deepdive remix by Ghostape, and other assorted Korallreven goodness; today it’s more from that EP with this pretty reworking by Montreal producer/fellow Acéphale artist CFCF and an artfully constructed beat-shifter from LOLboys. Both are good, the LOLboys is highly recommended:

Korallreven – “Loved-Up (LOLboys Remix)”


Korallreven – “The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)”

The official vid for “The Truest Faith”:

Korallreven’s “The Truest Faith” & “Loved-Up” remix EP, featuring these two redos and takes by Ghostape, Nhessingtons, Sail A Whale, and Cosimo, is out via Acéphale. You can make a free grab of the original “Truest Faith” single, and those Ghostape and Nhessingtons remixes, right here.