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Blood Revolt – “Dead City Stare” (Stereogum Premiere)

On their pummeling debut Indoctrine, extreme metal “supergroup” Blood Revolt sound like two different bands spliced or mashed together: We’re talking proud Celtic-metal epics and murky “chaotic black war” riots (with names like “Salvation At The Barrel Of A Gun”). More specifically, A.A. Nemtheanga from fist-pumping Irish crew Primordial bellows those powerful soaring Metal Blade-approved vocals over a bed of slayed-out insanity by two of the Canadian underground’s most compelling/militant/uncompromising players, Revenge/Conqueror drummer J. Read and Axis Of Advance dude/Revenge session guitarist Chris Ross, aka Vermin. It makes for strange, fascinating listening. Take a look at what Nemtheanga has to say about the band and Indoctrine before you try to get your ears around “Dead City Stare.”

In an age of compromise Blood Revolt is genuine rebellion. Pushing the boundaries of what is accepted in ‘extreme’ metal, Blood Revolt is metal with teeth, like it should be. Genuine violence and aggression mixed with the kind of very real and very dark subject matter that would make other bands heads spin. No cartoon imagery or fantastical pseudo religious hocus pocus, this is the sniper filing down the pin before picking off innocents, this is the suicide bombers sweaty greasy hand on the ignition, dead bodies piled in the politics of the mass grave. Unforgiving and unrelenting elitism…

Blood Revolt – “Dead City Stare”


Blood Revolt – “Year Zero”

Indoctrine is out 8/3 via Profound Lore.