Video Hangover: “Whatzupwitu”

Twice a week (starting today!) we dig up a music video so ill-conceived it’s no wonder MTV stopped playing the damn thing. But hey, at least we learned something…

Eddie Murphy (featuring Michael Jackson), 1993

Eddie and Michael mug, hug, and shadowbox awkwardly in front of a screensaver for three-plus minutes. Also, there?s a clown.

Couldn?t you see Eddie losing $500,000 in the NBA Finals and calling Michael Jackson in a panic? And then Michael, who has some legal and financial ?trouble? of his own, comes up with a zany plan to release a hit single that will sell a billion copies and pay back their debts? It?s like a Very Special Episode of 90210, right down to the nonsensical song, which sounds like it could have been co-written by David Silver and Steve Sanders.

Um, what went right here, exactly? Things start out promisingly, with some shit about dying elephants, but then we get Eddie in a tank top, Michael touching himself, and many peace signs, music notes, and hearts with wings. Either this video turned out exactly how Eddie imagined it, or Michael took half of the post-production budget and blew it on a children?s choir. Either way, we?re glad Eddie is wearing sunglasses, so we can?t see the shame in his eyes.

Three minutes and twenty-five seconds in front of a green screen can seem like an eternity, especially if the guy standing next to you is Michael Jackson.

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