Koopa Make UK Chart History

Congrats, Koopa! The otherwise-forgettable pop-punk band from Essex has ensured itself a long life in UK music trivia by becoming the first unsigned band to crack the UK Top 40. NME reports:

Under new chart rules their download-only single ‘Blag, Steal & Borrow’ went straight in at at Number 31.

Chart rules were changed at the start of the year to allow digital single sales to count towards a chart position even if there is no physical version.

Gotta clarify though; according to Wiki, an artist previously has had a Top 40 hit while being “signed” to their self-created label (“unsigned” in the eyes of many) — Koopa is the first to do it with absolutely no label involved. You’re dying to hear ‘em, aren’t you. Stream a minute of the history-making track here, with more songs at MySpace. We’re just amazed that music can sound this canned without being put out by a label.

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