The Police Reunion Rumors Heat Up

We admittedly got giddy as soon as we heard the unconfirmed reports that Gordon, Stewart, and Andy were (finally) gonna give us a reunion tour. Unfortunately, there’s been little to support those rumors in the weeks since. Which is why we’re psyched to read this report from the fair and balanced folks over at Fox News:

The signs are strong, with enough clues available so that even Colonel Mustard could figure it out. Here?s one: Yesterday, former Policemen Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland were guests, with their families, at a Malibu birthday party for Sting?s better half, Trudie Styler. Their appearance caused quite a stir.

And on Thursday night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Sting dedicated a lute version of ?Message in a Bottle? to the pair of former comrades who happened to be seated in the auditorium.

Insiders say that Sting?s former reluctance to rejoin his mates is gone now that he?s accomplished pretty much everything he could in his solo career, at least for the moment.

Sorta makes sense. A collection of Elizabethan lute compositions would be last on our list too. For more updates, keep it right here: your #1 source for unconfirmed Police reunion rumors.