Patti Smith’s Rock Hall Induction Ruffles Some Feathers

We love it when Bob Lefsetz gets pissed. Which is pretty much everyday. The latest from the music world to get under his super-sensitive skin is the news that Patti Smith is a proud member of this year’s group of Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame inductees. And it’s all New York City’s fault! He writes:

I?m upset that Patti Smith got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Let me make this perfectly clear, the only people who care are those who lived in Manhattan in the seventies, or maybe commuted from one of the other four boroughs to see a show on the rock hard island, the rest of the world DOESN?T GIVE A SHIT!

Oh, I?ve got nothing against Ms. Smith, I own five of her albums. Do I play them? NEVER! I downloaded “Kimberly”, having fond memories of the track when it was featured on one of the very first Arista albums ever. I?d like to tell you it?s got a high count in my iTunes library, but once was enough, it was a period curio. And “Because The Night”? That?s a Bruce Springsteen song, Patti never wrote or performed anything remotely like it again. Shit, if Patti gets in for a Bruce cover, shouldn?t ROBERT GORDON?

Only in New York does myopia still exist.

But we live in a culture where you?ve got to feel superior. And New Yorkers specialize in this. They?re just that much BETTER than everybody else, they?ve got their finger on the pulse, they?re the arbiters of taste.

New York just might be the greatest city in the world. But it?s not the ONLY city in the world! Why is it that the Eagles have to take shit for their Southern California perspective, but Patti Smith gets a pass? Isn?t she just another suburbanite playacting in the city?

But it?s not what you invent, it?s not about trailblazing, but how cool you are. I?ll grant you that Patti Smith is cool. A great musician? A great artist?

Well at least he’s right about Patti being cool as shit. What about the rest? Tough to argue against Horses, a record that’s shaped the spirit (if not the sound) of rock music and “tore the limbs off” of Michael Stipe — but we know there’s some fully-limbed Patti haters out there. You join Lefsetz in being pissed at NYC about all this?