Melissa Joan Hart Explains It All About Daughtry

Silly former actress. Sabrina the thirty-year-old mother takes to MySpace to expose former American Idoler Daughtry and claim songwriting credit for her husband, comes off looking like a witch to homosexuals everywhere (via ONTD):

Chris Daughtry must be stopped

I am so sick of all the articles saying Chris wrote the song “It’s Not Over”. Then the other day I saw in In touch that Ace Young is taking credit as well. Bulls*&%t. Mark fully wrote everybit of that song except the new lyrics in the chorus…which are gay anyhow. Mark wrote the song about his ex- manager screwing him over and they turned it into a fairy love song. Anyway just wanted to vent and give my man his due credit. If anyone agrees, write in to the rags and let em have it. I am!!!

This is the song they’re arguing over. Best comment in response to her post: “oh plz, using “gay” as an insult is so 1995… WHEN YOU HAD A CAREER -MWHAHAHA!!!”