The Second To Last Post About William Hung

I’m loathe to devote any more of this site to the William Hung mania. However, these are just a few of the Googling search times that continue to deliver readers to…

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    So here’s some final thoughts:

    I liked William Hung. He can’t sing a note, but is lovably naive, excessively polite, and as Bob Morris said in today’s Times, “a strike against the tyranny of glossy celebrity.”


    I detest how this album makes a further mockery of the recording industry (I didn’t even think that was possible). But even from a business standpoint, does KOCH/FUSE Records think this CD will actually make money?

    Here’s the tracklisting:
    1. William Hung’s Inspirational Thoughts (Gratitude)
    2. She Bangs
    3. Bailamos
    4. William Hung’s Inspirational Thoughts (Passion)
    5. I Believe I Can Fly
    6. Hotel California
    7. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
    8. Two Worlds
    9. William Hung’s Inspirational Thoughts (Perseverance)
    10. Rocket Man
    11. Free
    12. Circle Of Life
    13. William Hung’s Inspirational Thoughts (Be Yourself)
    14. Y.M.C.A featuring The GonnaBees
    15. Shake Your Bon-Bon

    Listen to “I Believe I Can Fly”: Real | Windows

    It’s actually painful to listen to.

    KOCH’s press release claims, “The 2004 William Hung Craze was born virtually overnight fueled in large part by an incredible on-line reaction to his national TV appearance.”

    I can’t help but feel partly responsible. But can we just end it now? Please?

    - – – – -

    Re: “The Second To Last Post” … For our company birthday board this month (birthday boys and girls usually submit baby photos or pictures of themselves with celebs) I offered my head Photoshopped onto this photo. I can’t believe they actually used it. I’ll post it next week. That’ll be my final William Hung post, promise. Unless he duets with Courtney Love.