Ever Hear Of Jennifer Hudson?

The threshold to overexposure was crossed by about, oh, 9AM this morning for the Dreamgirls breakout star when we tried (in vain) to avoid a morning show with her image plastered all over it. And now that she’s a bona fide Oscar favorite, it’s just gonna get worse. That said, we’re happy for the girl. Mostly ’cause her award-winning run makes Simon Cowell look like a clueless gasbag by campaigning against her during American Idol. But what we love most about her win is watching FOX spin it. Seacrest told Matt Lauer this morning:

I’m excited for her ’cause it’s such a great story … But for the credibility and validity of our program, it just adds to it. Another wonderful thing is that Simon condemned her on our program.

Lauer summed up our thoughts when he responded, “Exactly.” Another fun moment: Timberlake getting some “SexyBack” payback with a crouched-down Best Original Song award acceptance on the Purple one’s behalf (for his Happy Feet contribution). Imitating Prince just comes so naturally to him. True highlight, though was the Warren Beatty-rapping Bulworth clip. And by that, we mean “balls.”