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Band To Watch: Butcher Boy

Glascow’s National Pop League is the sort of monthly art and music party that becomes a scene in itself, and for five years, lead Butcher Boy John Blain Hunt’s DJ sessions were the reason to go. And after making a name for himself as the curator of the party that’s inspired a Camera Obscura tune (“Knee Deep At The NPL”), this year sees Hunt strike out with a full band and a spot-on debut record. The Butcher Boys have studied their Smiths tunes, adding some Belle & Sebastian, some Tindersticks, some strings, and some dreary-day poetry to craft catchy, mood-spanning indie-pop. Here’s the first single from the aptly titled Profit In Your Poetry:

Butcher Boy – “Girls Make Me Sick” (MP3)

You’ll find the Smiths love in this one, our fave from the record.

Butcher Boy – “Keep Your Powder Dry” (MP3)

Profit In Your Poetry is out 3/5