What Rivers Cuomo Liked

The Harvard-educated rocker took time out from his litigious ways to write a column called “Stuff I Liked In ’06” for the school paper, and we thought his choices were worth a look. Yeah, it’s from last month, but you totally don’t read The Harvard Crimson. Some highlights:

2. Nelly Furtado??Promiscuous? and ?Maneater.? I admire her independence from the expectations of her fanbase.

7. Keane??Somewhere Only We Know.? I think this song was on my list last year but it still makes my heart beat fast.

8. Panic At The Disco??I Write Sins Not Tragedies.? This song seems so avant-garde and yet it?s structurally very simple and repetitive. Good job, kids.

13. Shakira??Hips Don?t Lie.? I?ve love the music for this song. Does anyone know where it?s from? It sounds familiar.

14. The Fray??Over My Head.? I finally realized why this song sounded so right to me the first time I heard it on the radio: My drummer reminded me that Weezer toured with The Fray in 2004 and I so must have heard this song every night through the walls of my dressing room.

18. Jojo??Too Little, Too Late.? A rare example of a chorus that starts on the II chord rather than the I chord.

Read the rest here. As much as we get disappointed by Weezer’s recent output, gotta love how unpretentious he is. Of course this may also explain why we’re disappointed with Weezer’s recent output.