Jin Takes On Rosie

Rosie’s insensitive Asian-American imitations got the community worked up, and while she finally got around to apologizing, Jin Tha MC is still holding a grudge. And he wrote a song about it! From SOHH.com

Using Nas’ “Ether” instrumental, the battle emcee barrows God’s Son’s patterns, replacing “I…will…not…lose” with “you…are…not…funny.” The hook also features an excerpt of Donald Trump talking about Rosie’s “fat ugly face” and calling her “disgusting both inside and out.” Meanwhile, Jin is merciless in both of his verses, spitting, “I never seen ‘The View,’ don’t wanna see it if it’s true/that’s it you that most likely has a penis in the crew/you no-joke telling shaped like a middle line backer/special guest on the season finale of “Fear Factor”/but you gotta do more than eat a roach/wanna win 50 thousand/stick her tongue down her throat.”

And he follows that with our favorite line:

No thanks, I’d turned down that offer ’cause it’s wrong/honestly I’d rather see Barbara Walters in a thong

Head over to grab the track. Can’t wait to see whom Rosie offends next! Actually strike that. We wish she would just stop talking.