It’s OK To Like… Phil Collins

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Phil Collins: Five reasons why he seems to have that invisible touch.

1. “In the Air Tonight”
Do you re-MEMBA? Twenty-five years on, Phil?s voice has become a parody of itself, but this is still a pretty badass song. And that?s before the drums kick in. If you haven?t seen the original Miami Vice pilot, we suggest you check out the sequence that features this song. Then go ahead and sneak it back onto your iPod where it belongs.

2. The Sinead O?Connor Awards
SNL sketch (1991) in which Sinead O?Connor presents Phil Collins with ?The Award for Embodying Everything I Despise About Material Success.? Such a classic, it?s not even available on YouTube.

3. “Land Of Confusion”
Take the beat from ?People Are People,? a bit of paranoid, Reagan-era nuclear angst, add some puppet dinosaurs, and you get one of the best videos of all time. And while Little Richard (or is it Prince?) eating his own tongue like a hot dog remains one of the most disturbing things we had forgotten we ever saw, it?s puppet Phil who makes the whole thing go. Watch the band sequences ? he is carrying puppet Mike Rutherford?s ass!

4. Drummers Who Also Sing
Oh, and who?s your choice? Ringo Starr?

5. He Cares About Stuff
For most artists, being in the original Band Aid would have been enough. But not Phil Collins. He?s written songs raising awareness of homelessness (?Another Day In Paradise?), chorophobia (?I Can?t Dance?), and immigration reform (?Illegal Alien?). It is not much fun being an illegal alien. You are goddamn right Phil, you are goddamn right.

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