Deerhunter Halcyon Digest LP On The Way

Deerhunter Halcyon Digest LP On The Way

Deerhunter’s fourth full-length Halcyon Digest arrives 9/28 via 4AD. To get the promotional wheels turning, the band’s concocted an “interactive Xerox art project,” aka they want you to join their Street Team. As far as the aesthetic and concept, Cox remembers “being fascinated with the ephemera of 70’s – 80’s artrock in record stores like Wuxtry in Athens where I hung out as a kid or Wax ‘N Facts in Atlanta.” He continues:

You’d see a photocopied faded B-52’s flyer next to a poster for Lou Reed or XTC. It was like an artpunk scrapbook on those walls. It made my head spin. Who are these people? Who are the fucking Residents with these weird-ass eyeball faces?

He, in turn, put together the above flyer with old-fashioned scissors and glue. Hardcore fans can now print it, photocopy it, hang it up around their town, take a photo, and send the results to The photos the band receives will be posted at the new site, where you can currently look at some black and white images while listening to loops. Additional instructions:

Fans are asked to include the city where the photo was taken in the email. People participating are asked to respect local laws regarding the posting of flyers, and to ask permission before posting them on private property.

If you decide to snap and send a pic, Halcyon Digest’s first single and an exclusive non-album track will appear in your Inbox in the next few weeks.

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