New Apostle Of Hustle – “National Anthem Of Nowhere”

Make it two killer cuts in a row from Broken Social Scener Andrew Whiteman’s pet project. Apostle Of Hustle’s first record Folkloric Feel was fine, but the new album surpasses the last within the first two tracks alone. Last time we slathered over the smooth-shifting, polyrhythmic pop of “My Sword Hand’s Anger,” and we’re just as psyched about the title track. Whiteman toys with rhythm much less here than on “Sword Hand,” opting for a relatively-straight rock groove, letting those restless guitars do most of the talking. Dude knows how to end a tune too; those horns on the way out are just right.

Apostle Of Hustle – “National Anthem Of Nowhere” (MP3)

National Anthem Of Nowhere is out 3/6/07 on Arts & Crafts.