Korn Cover Radiohead, Cure

Korn announced the release of their MTV Unplugged album back in November, but we had no idea they were angling for our hearts and minds by covering The Cure (with Robert!) and covering Radiohead. Via FMQB:

Recorded in New York on December 9, the Unplugged disc features appearances by Amy Lee of Evanescence and Robert Smith of The Cure. Lee contributes to the performance of “Freak On A Leash” and Smith appears on a version of his own “In Between Days.” KoRn also covered Radiohead’s “Creep” for the disc, which will be released on February 20. The Unplugged special is slated to debut online first on February 10, then on MTV on February 17.

Sorry Korn, still not enough; we blame you for music in the late ’90s. Jonathan Davis and Robert Smith together, we could see that; Robert likes Peen Wentz, after all. But oh man that “Creep” is gonna be great! “‘Cause I’m a … DHOOM-da-dha-DHOOM-da-dha-EEMA.” Get psyched.