New Nurse & Soldier – “Wrong”

Very impressive stuff from Oneida multi-instrumentalist Bobby Oneida’s side project Nurse & Soldier, a “co-ed” psych-pop band comprising him and long-time collaborator Erica Fletcher. But where Oneida’s “psych” pulses and throbs, Nurse & Soldier’s wavers from hazed, fluid ballads to upbeat, synthed-out bubblegum pop. It’s a top to bottom record — too strong to be cast off as a pet project — so picking our favorite has been tough. This one, in all 1:37 of its glory, has been on a loop around here the past few days. Lovely stuff. (It’s short, so you’ll need to loop it, too.)

Nurse & Soldier – “Wrong” (MP3)

And if you missed it, here’s the album’s hypnotic lead track, repeating one keyboard figure and adding soft, squawking guitars; muffled vocals; and bizarre, synth melodies. Sorta strange, very cool.

Nurse & Soldier – “Green Tea” (MP3)

Marginalia is out 1/23 on Jagjaguwar. Very worth it.