Tweedy Talks Sky Blue Sky In Nashville

Stereogum reader Aaron B. caught Jeff’s show in Tennessee last night and was good enough to give us the rundown on the set, including Tweedy’s drunk-fan handling and the title and release date for the new Wilco record. He writes:

Jeff Tweedy played a solo show last night at the James K Polk theatre in Nashville. It was a great show, despite some drunk redneck asswipe who belligerently shouted Golden Smog song requests at every opportunity (including during songs). Jeff handled the bastard pretty well, though — a little confrontational, somewhat gracious for his idiotic enthusiasm, and later shutting him down completely to the rest of the audience’s relief (after some initial awkwardness).

At any rate, during one lengthy banter session, Jeff asked if we had any questions for him. Most of the shouts were ridiculous (“Will you do me a favor and call my sister?” “Umm, that’s a little above and beyond, man.”), but some enterprising young hipster took the opportunity to ask about the new Wilco record.

Straight from the horses mouth, the new Wilco record is set for release on May 19th [Editor’s Note: Aaron wrote again, correcting that to May 15th] and is titled Sky Blue Sky. Jeff brought out Glenn later in the show to play drums on the title track, which was a pretty standard little folk ballad set to a marching-style drum pattern.

Good of Jeff not to fight with anyone on stage like the last time there was an unruly crowdgoer. Whip out a pencil and mark yer calendar for Sky Blue Sky. Just in time to introduce to the Coachellapaloozaroo audiences.

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