Video Hangover: “Faithfully”

Twice a week we dig up a music video so ill-conceived it’s no wonder MTV stopped playing the damn thing. But hey, at least we learned something…

Journey, 1983

This song is about being a music man on the road. Let?s make a road movie about music men!

With this video, Journey was apparently trying to make being in a rock band so dreary and unappealing that all of their young fans would put down their guitars and become car salesmen, thus eliminating a generation?s worth of competition and ensuring Journey?s status as the Greatest Band Ever.

When a video director chooses to show literally what the lyrics are describing, it?s an invitation to disaster. We get someone on the phone (?Sending all my love/along the wire?), someone looking out of a plane window (?Through space and time?), and a few moments later ? Steve Perry shaving his moustache (?Wonderin? where I am/Lost without you?). Is Steve speaking directly to the moustache? Without whom is he lost, exactly? The moustache? Then why the fuck is he shaving?

If the year is 1983, and you have the chance to tour with Journey, politely decline. When all of your groupies wear Mom Jeans, and the most fun you have backstage is one guy in a sleeveless shirt laughing at another guy drumming on a couch (?We all need the clowns/To make us smile?), you know you?re not exactly in for a booze-fueled, ant-snorting, tits and cocaine fuckfest.

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