Apples May Be Ripe For Beatles Deal

At this month’s Macworld conference, Steve Jobs got tongues wagging when he scrolled past Beatles tunes on his demo iPhone, and now the rumor mill has it that, by Valentines Day, you’ll be able to get your fix of DRM-dosed Fab Four tunes. The Toronto Sun reports:

The worldwide Beatles grapevine is buzzing over the distinct possibility that the long-awaited remastering of the Fab Four’s United Kingdom CD back catalogue will finally see the light of day — by June.

As per usual, Apple/EMI is presently mum, but sources with knowledge of the project say that two scenarios are possible for the release of the minimum 11 UK albums.

What’s more, the long, heated court feud between the Beatles’ Apple Corp. and Apple Computers over naming rights might finally have been resolved. The belief is that Beatles songs at long last will be available for downloading from Apple Computers’ iTunes, as soon as next month.

And tech site Electronista even offers a date:

The deal would see music label Apple Corps. launch its initial venture into online music on Valentine’s Day, timing the release to help promote the recent Beatles and Cirque du Soleil collaboration album Love.

A deal timed for Valentine’s Day means that Paul can finally buy his sweet Heather that alimony she’s always wanted. Just maybe one of the most bitter feuds in recent corporate history is over? As AppleInsider says:

While the notion of the two Apples settling their grievances has seemed implausible in the wake of Apple Corps’ embarassing legal defeat at the hands of its Californian rival, reports since the completion of the lawsuit point to a sudden willingness on the part of the Apple Corps to sign an agreement.

Come on Apples … let’s bury the hatchet like the Beatles and the Stones.