Dan Deacon’s Bromst Album Art

Mr. Deacon’s forthcoming Bromst LP landed in our list of 20 albums we’re most excited for in 2009, a placement based on Spiderman Of The Rings’ screwball electro-adrenaline rush as much as the promise of a thematic and aesthetic shift for its followup. We saw the unveiling of his new incarnation, complete with 14-piece ensemble, in Brooklyn recently. Dan was joined by members of So Percussion, with an end result (so) percussion and electro heavy: the bulk of Deacon’s congregation holding mallets/sticks or lined up behind an array of synths. The Bromst stuff offered hip-hop glints with scratched vocal-samples in the mix and deeper, more deliberate dance beats than Spiderman, while retaining some of the album’s quirk and whimsy at its core. This album cover is very true to that.

Shady forest with a electric blue tent at its nucleus? Looks like Bromst sounds. The album’s out 3/24 via Carpark.

[Deacon pic from Masonic Temple gig by Ben Shapiro]

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