Hard L.A. Fest With M.I.A. Cancelled, And The Reason Is…

…bifurcated, probably. Yesterday the L.A. Times characterized the M.I.A./Die Antwoord/Sleigh Bells festival’s preemptive shutdown with a headline that principals had been “Citing Security Concerns.” Which would fit tidily in the context of last month’s Electric Daisy Carnival, where a teenager OD’d, the resulting death inciting the community’s enhanced scrutiny of such gatherings and leading to L.A. County’s instituting a task force to “examine and enhance rave security.”

The bigger reason, though, appears to be ticket sales. And how there weren’t that many.

Possibly because the headliner put out an album that people are using as a punchline. Hard L.A.’s promoters insist the city was in fact pleased with all security measures, and graciously thanked its officials while calling the cancellation “due to circumstances beyond our control.” And Hard L.A.’s other festival, at the same site (L.A. State Historic Park) in August featuring Soulwax, Crystal Castles, Major Lazer, Erol Alkan, Diplo, and Digitalism, is still on. All of which tends to undermine the security angle, and support to the nobody-wants-to-go-to-this-one one.

For their part, the promoters “would rather not comment” on how ticket sales are factoring into the mix. More corroboration for the fire. Meanwhile, NYC’s Hard Fest with M.I.A. et al, on Governor’s Island, will still occur as scheduled on 7/24, the five boroughs’ distaste for rave culture and/or  /\/\/\Y/\ not withstanding.

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